CHIP SEALING INFORMATION: To Village of Barneveld Residents:             The following roads will be undergoing a Chip Seal Treatment: Savannah St, Savannah Circle, Church St, Victoria Ln, Victoria Ct, Quail Ridge Dr, Ruste Rd, Kent Rd, Corbin Dr, Ford Dr, Alleyways: between Kenzie St and N. Grove St, between Front St and N. Garfield St, between E. Douglas St and South St and south of ID and west of S. Grove St. The Chip Seal is currently scheduled to occur the week of Aug 22nd. This process is weather dependent and inclement weather or threat of inclement weather may shift this timeline. These letters along with no parking signs will be applied the day before Chip Seal work is to start. In the event of a Monday start day the signs may be applied the Friday or Saturday before work is to start. Please be mindful of these no parking signs as failure to comply can cause delays or gaps in the final product.  Roads will be swept before chip seal treatment.             Chip Seal Process:             Liquid asphalt is sprayed onto roadway surface & a 3/8 fractured granite aggregate will be applied and rolled in place. The roadway is ok to drive on as soon as the cover aggregate is applied. Though the road may be inaccessible for short periods of time, traffic inconvenience will be kept at a minimum and any delays should a few minutes. Workers will not go door to door for notifications before the start of the chip seal work. Sweeping of roadway will occur about one week after application. Until roadway is swept there will loose aggregate on roadway and this can be a hazard for recreational sports (biking, skateboarding, roller blading, ECT...). Please be mindful of this in your activities during this time.               If you have any questions, contact Carl Thorsen (Regional Manager) at (608)844-0406 Or James Wakup (Assistant Regional Manager) at (608)432-9093. We will make every attempt to keep inconveniences at a minimum.       Thank You for your cooperation, Carl Thorsen             Scott Construction Inc.             Regional Manager (608)844-0406