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Memorial Park (Donate to the 2024 Renovation Project by clicking here today)

Memorial Park was dedicated on June 8th, 1986, by the Barneveld Village Board on “Barneveld Appreciation Day." This marked two years since an F5 Tornado devastated our town and nine lives were lost. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Barneveld Tornado it seems like the right time to reflect on where we were and how far we have come since that fateful night.

After the tornado, community members felt that part of the rebuilding and healing process was to create a park in memory of the nine community members we lost on June 8, 1984 where young and old alike could gather, play, and have community events. For almost forty years Memorial Park has served that purpose, however our village has more than doubled in size and Memorial Park needs some renovations.

In 2022 the Barneveld Village Board completed a Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP). The CORP includes short-term and long-term projects and goals for all of the Village's parks. The Village Board relied heavily on feedback from a Committee that was established to provide input, community meetings, and surveys asking residents about the improvements they would like to see. Memorial Park was very high on the list of parks for improvement with the request for a splash pad, updated bathrooms, playground equipment, and a shelter topping the list. With the completed CORP, the Village Board was able to work with their engineer to apply for grants offered by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the investment paid off when the Village of Barneveld was awarded two separate grants from the DNR totaling $736,190 in 2023.

Memorial Park Refresh: A Two Phase Project

Phase 1 (To be completed in 2024):

The Village Board established the Memorial Park Steering Committee which consisted of the Village Board's Public Works/Parks Committee, our contracted engineer, and volunteers from the public. The Steering Committee was tasked with designing the park and making recommendations to the Village Board for approval.

The DNR grant funding requires 3 main attractions in phase 1:

  1. A Splash Pad
  2. New Playground Equipment
  3. A multi-sport game court to replace the basketball court

The Steering Committee reviewed proposals from vendors for the splash pad and playground equipment, selected vendors, and the Village Board approved their recommendations with construction slated to start in spring 2024. Phase 1 will also include new bathrooms and a mechanical room for the splash pad's equipment.

This all sounds great so far, but what will it cost?
Phase 1 is $2.3 million, and the great news is that the Village has secured 65% of the funding ($1,485,000) thr
ough DNR grants and other opportunities. In order to plug the gap:

  • The Village Board established the Memorial Park Fundraising Committee and set a goal for them to raise $500,000, which as of September 2023 has already raised about $60,000!
  • For the remaining $315,000, the Village is able to use debt service funding without needing to raise taxes on residents.

Now I am excited to learn about Phase 2
Phase 2 will start as soon as we are able to secure the funding and will largely focus on the shelter, but also add other great features:

  • The shelter will be a 3 season space:
    • The shelter design includes multiple rolling doors that can be opened on nice days or closed on not so nice days for events.
    • It will also include an indoor family bathroom, a kitchenette that will support service, and storage space.
    • Enough cover on the outside for a performance area, picnic tables, and shade.
  • Phase 2 will also include:
    • Additional Sidewalks
    • Additional Parking
    • Final touches on landscaping

Very Impressive, what does Phase 2 cost?
The estimated cost for Phase 2 is $1.3 million, and as previously mentioned, the Village has not started fundraising for Phase 2. We plan on getting started as fast as we can secure that funding. There is expected to be additional competitive grant opportunities in 2024 that the Village will pursue, and if the Fundraising Committee surpasses their current goal any additional funding will be applied immediately to Phase 2. You can also donate directly to Phase 2 now!

Can I continue to use the Park in the meantime, including reserving the park? 

For now, yes! We will keep you updated as we move into 2024 as to what will be available. You may reserve the park for the day by calling the Village office at (608) 924-6861 or by completing the form below and returning it to our office at 403 E. County Hwy ID, Barneveld, WI 53507 or by e-mail at Jean Ann Swenson.

Memorial Park Reservation Form

Birch Lake Park

Birch Lake is located North of the Village on Hwy T. Birch Lake was built in 1965 and is in the Trout Creek Watershed. The park offers two shelters with electricity, two sand volleyball courts, a softball field, and children's play equipment.  Birch Lake is open from May 1st to September 30th each year. You may reserve the shelters at the park by calling the Village office at (608) 924-6861 or by completing the attached form and returning it to our office at 403 E. County Hwy ID, Barneveld, WI 53507 or by e-mail at Jean Ann Swenson. Deposit fee (will be refunded less any damage) is $50.00, Reservation fee is $50.00.

Birch Lake Reservation Form

Kittleson Krest Park

Kittleson Krest Park is located in the Kittleson Krest Subdivision. The park offers a basketball court, swing set and children's play equipment.

Quail Ridge Park

Quail Ridge Park is located in the Quail Ridge Subdivision. The park offers a swing set and children's play equipment.

Pocket Park

Pocket Park is located on Highway ID between Robust Tools and Shenanigan's Sports Bar. The park offers a table and a bench to sit on and enjoy the view.